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These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Spanish law and more particularly by the Organic Act 15/1999, of 13 December, on the Protection of Personal Data, by the Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, whereby the amended and restated text of the Spanish General Law on the Defence of Consumers and Users was approved, by Royal Legislative Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, whereby the amended and restated text of the Spanish Law on Intellectual Property was approved, Act 23/2002, of 11 July, on the Services of the Information Society and Electronic Trade, and for issues not covered therein, by the Spanish Commercial Code and the Spanish Civil Code, insofar as applicable.


1. Instituto Internacional de Escultura has designed a Privacy Policy, establishing the necessary means and procedures to implement it.

Pursuant to the Organic Act on the Protection of Personal Data (LO 15/1999, of 13 December), personal data are deemed to be “any information concerning identified or identifiable individuals”.

The only personal data to which Instituto Internacional de Escultura shall have access shall be those voluntarily provided by the user. In this respect, the user is advised that, for the acquisition, registration and login for some of the products or services provided through our Website, he/she will be requested to provide personal data. In the events and with respect to the data where it is so expressly specified, if the user/client fails to provide the necessary data, he/she will not be able to access or use said services and contents. By way of example, he/she may be requested to provide identification details and any other data that, on a case by case basis, may be required by law or in practice to provide the information or service requested. Voluntary data are collected by Instituto Internacional de Escultura with the purpose indicated in the Data Protection clause below.
Pursuant to applicable legislation, Instituto Internacional de Escultura has adopted the technical and organisational measures necessary to maintain the required safety level and guarantee the strictest confidentiality of the personal data processed. Likewise, it has the necessary mechanisms in place and available to avoid unauthorised access, theft or removal or loss of data.

In view of the foregoing, the user is advised to exercise the maximum care in relation to these issues, and use all safety tools available, provided that Instituto Internacional de Escultura shall not be held liable for any theft, amendment or loss or data.

The user is recognised by Law the rights of access, rectification, erasure and, where appropriate, objection with respect to his/her personal details, and may exercise said rights in writing by notice to the address stated in the Data Protection Clause below. Moreover, he/she may at any time revoke the authorisation initially given for any commercial use of his/her personal details, without prejudice to the right of Instituto Internacional de Escultura to terminate the relevant contract or transaction, where said data are indispensable to complete it. The user may also amend any data that, through the Websites, he/she may have provided to Instituto Internacional de Escultura, in the manner indicated therein. Instituto Internacional de Escultura undertakes not to share with third parties any of the personal data, which shall only be used to comply with contractual obligations vis-à-vis its clients and suppliers.


1. The user, if an individual, is advised that his/her personal data to which Instituto Internacional de Escultura may have access as a result of queries, transactions, contractual requests, acquisition of products, by any means howsoever, or obtained through computer means from already registered data, are incorporated to the relevant automated file of Instituto Internacional de Escultura, and authorises this latter company to process them as necessary for their use in relation to the development and completion of the transaction or service agreed, which shall be obligatory for both parties.

2. Furthermore, the user expressly authorises Instituto Internacional de Escultura to use his/her data in the development of commercial and promotional actions for any new works, whether single sculptural works, original works or serial works, as well as for the offering to and contracting with the client, and this authorisation shall remain valid, in relation to this latter case, even after the commercial relationship is concluded, insofar as it has not been revoked.

3. Likewise, Instituto Internacional de Escultura undertakes not to share, transfer or assign said data to or with third parties. -

4. The user is advised of his/her rights of objection, access, rectification and erasure, with respect to personal data in accordance with the terms of sections 14 to 17 of the Spanish Organic Act on data protection, and may exercise said rights in writing, by letter accompanied with a copy of his/her ID document and addressed to the Customer Support Service of Instituto Internacional de Escultura, located in Llanes, El Collado no. 1, Parres, Asturias, or by e-mail to the address indicated on the Website, and the data controller is Instituto Internacional de Escultura, with address for the purposes hereof at the above mentioned address.

5. The user may revoke any authorisations given for the use of his/her personal data, save as provided under paragraph 1 of this clause, which is mandatory, in the same manner provided under paragraph 4 above.

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